“Ron was a pleasure to work with – from preparing an estimate, arriving for work on a timely basis and daily clean up before leaving. I found Ron’s suggestions to be both well thought through and reasonably priced.  I would recommend Ron to anyone looking for the highest quality work.  I look forward to beginning another project with him in the near future.”
Marjorie Goldman
Los Angeles, CA

“I was very impressed with Mr. Ron Cerda from the beginning of our work association. We had stucco work done on our house. Ron explained the details of how the work was to be done and how long it would take. The work commenced on time and progressed on schedule.  The finished product is terrific and was exactly what I wanted and at a very competitive price. I will recommend Ron to anyone.”

Donn H.
West Hills, Ca

“I recently had to re-plaster a 3 story 4300 sq ft residence on a difficult lot (hill side near the beach, 3 ft to property line on 2 sides of the house, no parking).  The following made me very happy: They (Dream Renovations.Inc) show up with a large crew so the work went quickly.

“There’s a certain amount of mess created by this type of work — the crew cleaned up every day and I got no complaints from the neighbors.The finished product is fantastic.

“Part of the job required covering an ugly steel structural beam like trellis with a multi-layer, multi-colored, hand burnished plaster. The result is amazing — most plasters don’t offer this type of custom finish, Dream Renovation is expert at it. When the city building inspector was leaving I asked him how it went.  He said “that’s the finest lath job I have ever seen”. What more is there to say?”

Peter B.
Manhattan Beach

“I have worked with Mr. Ron Cerda on several occasions over the last 15 years. I originally elected to utilize his services after observing the work he performed on my neighbor’s residence. Owning my own Architectural practice, I work with both general as well as specialty contractors on a daily basis. I would rank Ron’s work easily in the top 10% of contractors in the field today. He is not just a doer, but a thinker as well. In the lifespan of a construction project, he consistently will ask questions which are relevant and lead to a much better end-product. His attention to detail in demolition, staging, construction, and clean-up is unparalleled. This makes him an anomaly in the field of construction.

“I would highly recommend his services.”  

Steven Lott

“I have known Ron Cerda and worked with him for over 20 years. He has worked on my own homes as well as those of my clients, and we have all been 100% impressed with his precision, excellent work, dedication and accessibility. I am very discerning about who i work with, as my clients (and my wife and I) have very high standards. I wholeheartedly endorse Ron”s skill, work ethic and results!”

Bruce Levenstein
Fine woodworker, Contractor and Artist

“I wanted to refresh a rental property I own and I utilized Ron Cerda’s services. I didn’t have a concept in mind but he was able to show me a few possibilities that I never considered. We opened the floor plan, brought light in with skylights, and customized the house through out. It was an amazing transformation and I loved the results so much  I remodeled the entire home; New kitchen, new bathroom, new wood flooring, new windows, new lighting, new decking, new exterior, new landscaping.  This beautiful transformation increased the rental value by double. I will have the cost of the remodel recouped in the first year. Ron was skilled, reliable, problem solving, and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend him.”

Sadie C.
Culver City

“As a Los Angeles area Painting Contractor it’s been my absolute pleasure to have been able to work with Ron Cerda for nearly 25 years. Throughout this time his craftsmanship and professionalism has been unwavering.  Regardless of the size of the project, I can rely on Ron to always be punctual, courteous and reliable, with meticulous attention to every detail. Above all and most importantly, I know Ron to be both honest and ethical.

I look forward to continuing our work and personal relationship for many, many years.”

Carl Tillmanns
References are supplied on request.

“Dream Renovations, Inc.( formerly Cerda-fied lath & Plaster, Inc), has done all my  plastering for approximately the last 30 years. He is the most professional plastering contractor that has ever worked for me. All of his work is the highest quality. He is careful to see that the property is protected and kept clean. If he sees a problem on the job, that requires another trade, he informs the general contractor. He is the best.”

R. B. Leake
General Contractor

“I have known Ron Cerda for approximately twenty years. As a General Contractor myself, I’ve had the good fortune to be able to include Ron on “my team” numerous times. I’ve always found Ron to be extremely reliable and committed to high standards in quality and workmanship.

He is remarkably knowledgeable about the trades and is someone that I can count on to find creative solutions to difficult problems.”

Lloyd Niven
General Contractor

“I have been a builder and remodeler for over 30 years and Ron Cerda has proven to be the most conscientious, courteous and clean specialty contractor I have ever had. His concern about protection and clean-up on interior work is impeccable. I have always trusted him to respect client’s furniture and furnishings and he usually leaves the job cleaner than when he started.

Ronʼs attention to moisture proofing details is crucial on most of my jobs and I have trusted his knowledge and experience for many years. He is also careful at installing architectural metals and details with proper alignment and with the proper fasteners. He has a gift to look at and visualize the total finish before he even starts to ʻwrapʼ a structure. Ronʼs knowledge of new and unique plastering materials and products has been an asset on many jobs and if he doesn’t have the answers he has always been eager to do the research and bring in the proper resources.

I think Ron is gifted at matching both new interior and exterior plaster to existing surfaces. From smooth surfaces to textural surfaces, Ronʼs keen eye coupled with his skilled hands makes him the ʻgo toʼ person for expert plastering.

Ron is truly a dedicated professional and just a really nice, caring person.”

Harvey B.
General Contractor