Customizing your entire home will increase it’s market value, improve it’s livable spaces and reflect you personal style in a way that fits your needs.By opening up floor plans, and focusing on custom finishes, you can transform the space. Custom finishes are artistic enhancements, that create costs upfront but bring value and equity. Prices depend on a number of factors or considerations. Some factors are listed below.

  • What is the level of detail and complexity of the artwork or finish? 
  • Is the artwork a large piece (over 100 square feet), or something smaller?
  • Does the design, materials, or techniques require extensive research, consultation or travel time?
  • Does the client already have a design concept, and viable reference materials?
  • What is the quality and stability of the surface to be finished? Does it need surface preparation, patching, priming, or a color base?
  • Where is the surface located? Is it a stairwell, or a ceiling? Is scaffolding needed, must it be custom-built?
  • Where is the site of the project? Is travel and hotel stay required? Is there easy access for material deliveries, scaffolding, staging a work area, parking, restrictions on work days and hours.
  • Cost of materials vary by distributors, and each product may perform different functions, such as such as plaster finishes for showers.

Some processes require several applications with drying times, intense detail application, or smoothing by diamond blades.